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Baseball Teams on Facebook: How Does Your Team Rank?

Do the number of Facebook fans affect a major league baseball team's attendance?

The website Statista compiled a list of Facebook fans for each Major League Baseball team as of September 2018. The chart provides some revealing statistics on how successful teams are in their marketing efforts.

The top four teams in Facebook fans, the Yankees (8.7 million), Red Sox (5.3 million), Dodgers (3.24 million) and Cubs (3.17 million), all made the playoffs this year. Yet four others are in the bottom 10, including the Brewers (1.06 million), Astros (1.01 million), Rockies (910,000) and Athletics (800,000).

While the Washington Nationals at 670,000 have the fewest Facebook fans, the other two lowest in the league reside in Florida: the Rays (730,000) and Marlins (710,000).

Crosstown rivalries leave little doubt as to an area’s favorite team.

Yankees (5.7 million) vs Mets (1.6 million)
Dodgers (3.2 million) vs Angels (1.3 million)
Giants (3.1 million) vs Athletics (0.8 million)
Cubs (3.2 million) vs White Sox (1.7 million)
Orioles (1.2 million) vs Nationals (0.7 million)

We were curious how the number of Facebook fans stacked up against a team’s attendance. Here’s what we found.

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