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Sports Salsa’s Spicy 7 Weekend Games

Here are the games to watch this weekend, Oct.12-15, 2018.

Sports Salsa’s Top 7 Weekend Spicy Sports Events
October 12-15, 2018

The league championship series begins in baseball and some tense games for a few college and pro football teams. It’s another good weekend for sports viewing. Here are our top 7 picks for the weekend.

1. MLB League Championship Series
Friday through Monday (Check schedule here)
TV: TBS, FOX, FOX Sports 1
Subscription Radio: SiriusXM 184 (Dodgers), 185 (Brewers), 178 (Astros) and 177 (Red Sox); TuneIn Premium

Baseball’s final four settle in for a best-of-seven series to see who plays in the World Series. Two teams with more than 100 wins each, the Red Sox and Astros, start their series in Boston, while the Brewers get home field advantage over the Dodgers.

2. Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots
Sunday, Oct. 14, 8:20 pm ET
Subscription Radio: SiriusXM 226 (Chiefs), 225 (Patriots); TuneIn Premium

This is an excellent matchup to close out Sunday night as the Patriots take on the undefeated Chiefs. The game features the gold standard, Tom Brady, against the hottest QB in the NFL right now, Patrick Mahomes. Last year, the Chiefs went into a tailspin after a 5-0 start. Will this season be different? Can the Patriots take over the reins as the team to beat in the AFC this year?

3. #15 Wisconsin at #12 Michigan
Saturday, October 13, 7:30 pm ET
Subscription Radio: SiriusXM 195 (Wisconsin), 84 (Michigan); TuneIn Premium

The championship dreams of both schools lay in the balance for this excellent Saturday night matchup. Both teams have one loss entering the game. The Ann Arbor crowd will be up for this one and the Badgers will be looking to gain an early edge to quiet them. This is one blue vs. red matchup we can endorse.

4. #7 Washington at #17 Oregon
Saturday, October 13, 3:30 pm ET
Subscription Radio: SiriusXM 198 (Washington), 197 (Oregon); TuneIn Premium

Washington has to win for a chance to break into the college playoff picture. The Ducks need a win for any hope to win the Pac 12 North Division, and a chance to become the highest ranked conference team. Oregon is hosting one of its most important games in recent seasons.

5. #2 Georgia at #13 LSU
Saturday, October 13, 3:30 pm ET
Subscription Radio: SiriusXM 192 (Georgia), 191 (LSU); TuneIn Premium

It’s a channel flipping game with Washington and Oregon. Based on LSU’s performance against Florida, we think Georgia will prevail in this key SEC matchup and keep it’s position behind Alabama in the rankings.

6. Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals
Sunday, Oct. 14, 1 pm ET
Subscription Radio: SiriusXM 390 (Pittsburgh), 227 (Cincinnati); TuneIn Premium

The 2-2-1 Steelers—tied with the Browns and a half game behind the Ravens—desperately need a victory against the Bengals, who sit atop the AFC North at 4-1. The winner controls the narrative of the division.

7. Chicago Bears at Miami Dolphins
Sunday, Oct. 14, 1 pm ET
Subscription Radio: SiriusXM 384 (Chicago), 225 (Dolphins); TuneIn Premium

Two surprise teams go at it for a chance to continue a storybook season. The 3-1 Bears are coming off a bye week and two consecutive weeks of leading the NFC North, and the 3-2 Dolphins are trying to shake off two consecutive losses to the Patriots and Bengals, while tied for the top of the AFC East. The Dolphins have spoiled games for the Bears before. Can they do it again?

Other storylines to watch this weekend.

  • It’s time to start paying attention to the games of the top four in college football. #1 Alabama hosts Missouri, #2 Georgia us at #13 LSU (one of our featured games), #3 Ohio State hosts Minnesota and #4 Clemson has the weekend off.
  • Some other unbeaten college teams to keep an eye on this weekend: #5 Notre Dame hosts Pittsburgh; #6 West Virginia travels to Iowa State; #10 University of Central Florida goes to Memphis; #19 Colorado goes to USC; and #23 South Florida heads to Tulsa.
  • Monday night football has the 49ers going into Lambeau Field. Would have been a marquee game had Jimmy Garoppolo been able to line up behind center for San Francisco. But worth watching to see if Aaron Rodgers is healing.
  • A couple of hockey games we have our eye on this weekend. On Saturday, the revived Toronto Maple Leafs head into face the Stanley Cup Champion Washington Capitals and the 2-1 Dallas Stars host the 3-0 Anaheim Ducks

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