Introducing the Sports Salsa Game Finder

Our new exclusive game finder helps you find NFL, NBA, NHL and college football games in a region you are in--or going to! Try it now!

Sports Salsa Game Finder is here to save the day!

Remember the old days? How you’d have to spend countless minutes or hours Googling sports teams and leagues to figure out if you could catch a game during your business trip, or if any of the local teams were in town when friends or family were visiting? Our team at Sports Salsa decided it was time to put those old ways to rest.

With the new Sports Salsa Game Finder you never have to waste time Googling events again. Our team has devolved a searchable database of games (currently listing scheduled games for College Football, NFL, NBA and the NHL) that includes a link to buy tickets online. Whether you’re looking for something in the moment or planning down the road, you can sort by Date, Visiting Team, Home Team, City and State all while using the search box to narrow your results.

As avid travelers with a keen interest in seeing as many live games as possible, our team developed this database to share with any sports fans looking for games in the US and Canada. We recommend searching for the state you’ll be in when you’re looking to see a game and fanning out from there. With so many high level athletics taking place, what’s stopping you from catching a game now?

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