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Visit the College Football Hall of Fame

Located in the heart of downtown Atlanta just a block away from State Farm Arena (home of the Atlanta Hawks), you can easily locate the College Football Hall of Fame.

Have you ever wondered why the University of Colorado has a buffalo run around at half time? Or, why the Clemson Tigers must rub a rock before taking the field? Then a visit to the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta, Georgia is an absolute must.

What you will see?

When you enter the College Football Hall of Fame you’ll be greeted by a wall of over 750 football helmets representing different programs. You’ll be directed to register the all-access badge that will be given to you upon entrance. It is important you register this badge, because you will be able to personalize your tour. After you register, the school you select will light up the corresponding helmet on the wall.

From there you can head over to the indoor playing field, where you can enjoy some Chick-Fil A and have some family fun catching passes, kicking field goals, or running through the obstacle course.

You can then head upstairs where you can take in the greatness of the sport’s high individual accolades. Looking at the Heisman trophy and National Championship trophy in person makes it easy to understand why college athletes lay it on the line every game.

The Coca-Cola Fans’ Game Day section has something for everyone. You may read about the stories of the rivalries, rich traditions, or join the game-day crew using the interactive ESPN College GameDay Desk. If you ever wondered why certain teams play each other, wear certain colors, or do certain things, then this is the place to go for answers. If you aren’t satisfied yet, a visit to the Game Day theater will be sure to do it for you. This 4k experience immerses the fan right in with the coaches and players on game-day.

Finally, the official Hall of Fame, where from the moment you walk in the history and greatness can be felt. There are ten interactive displays are available where you can learn about every individual inductee and watch footage of some of their top moments.

How much is it?

When we visited we had purchased the Atlanta City Pass, which granted us entrance to the top five attractions in the area. However, if you don’t purchase in advance you can get tickets right at the front entrance. It is $21.99 for adults and $17.99 for kids ages 3-12, there is also multiple discounts available for students, seniors, and military. There is also a huge hall of fame store that you can shop at after the tour has concluded.

Parking is available for $15 up to three hours and $1 each additional hour after. However, if you are like us and do the city pass it may be worth it to Uber/Lyft into the city to avoid having to pay for parking. The nice thing we did notice about the city was there was tons of electric Bird, Lyft, and Lime scooters, which an excellent alternate mode of transport as well.

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