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Bryant-Denny Stadium (stadium series)

You really have not experienced college football until you visit Tuscaloosa, Alabama and watch a Crimson Tide game at Bryant–Denny Stadium. After dominating division one college football, winning five national championships in the last 10 years, the atmosphere at a Tide game has become unmatched.

We had the opportunity to attend Alabama’s final tune up game of the 2018-19 season against The Citadel. Students who attend the university can purchase a “student guest pass”, so my friend got us into the student section for just $40.


The University of Alabama is in the heart of Tuscaloosa, with the stadium being right in the middle of the university. So as you are walking up to the stadium you can take in the history that the university has to offer and gawk at the massive fraternity or sorority houses. It is an outdoor stadium so you are at the mercy of whatever elements are on tap for the day.


The concessions at Bryant-Denny were very old school. BBQ pulled pork nachos, popcorn, and peanuts were some of the main options that were available. The best thing though was that everything was a fair price. Typically concessions are the most expensive part of a sports outing (after the tickets) so to see Nachos for $5 or a beer for $4 was really refreshing.

The Arena:

Bryant-Denny is the 7th largest college football stadium in the nation, boasting a capacity of over 101,000 people. The student section is massive spanning across six different sections and cannot be missed because there won’t be a single student sitting. Even during halftime a majority of the student section was still on their feet.

The Million Dollar Marching Band is nested right in the student section (BB) and we got to stand next to them the whole game. The craziest thing was how much Hawaiian culture has made its way to Tuscaloosa. From the Hawaiian shirts to the Hawaii-Five-O theme song, it is safe to say the Tide has fully embraced the culture.  

Going to an Alabama football game was definitely at the top of my list, and after finally doing it I have no regrets. Overall, despite the game we went to not being a close one, the overall atmosphere made it worth it enough for us.

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