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Staples Center Bonanza

Whether you are traveling on a budget or just not that into basketball, there is something around Staples Center for everyone.

In recent years, seeing a Los Angeles Lakers basketball has been no easy task to accomplish. Outside of ticket prices being high because of Laker great Kobe Bryant or LA traffic, going down to Staples Center never sounded appealing. Flash back to 2016, Kobe’s final season as a Laker, I told myself if I ever made it to California I would do whatever I could to witness.

When we made it to LA we noticed that the Lakers had a home game against the Oklahoma City Thunder. This was before Kevin Durant had decided to shake up the whole league and leave to Golden State. Tickets to even sit in the nose bleeds ran $300 plus. This was way too expensive for my frugal pockets, but instead of getting completely discouraged we still took the glorious trip down to Staples Center.

Upon arrival we could already feel the wave of energy from all the fans who had tickets to go inside. There was so much going on outside. Posing with the infamous number 24, championship trophy, or eating at one of the many restaurants there is something for everyone.

However, if none of those options sound appealing you can head over to LA Live. Boasting a massive screen on the side of the building you can stand and catch an ESPN broadcast if you’re lucky. Or you can head inside and watch a movie, have a drink at one of the many bars, or even go shopping. At LA Live there is a little something for everyone.

Flash forward to date, the Lakers have the illustrious LeBron James and are showing no signs of becoming a more affordable team to go watch. Fun fact: the Lakers have no season tickets available for purchase and there is a waiting list that you may be placed on. You could end up waiting as long as five years before anything remotely opens up.

Although we did not make it inside of the infamous Staple Center, we still had quite the experience outside. We were still able to watch the game and enjoy ourselves, I would recommend the visit to anyone. 

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