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News Mix for Sports Fans

At Sports Salsa, we take a look at the sports headlines each day. Instead of looking at the box scores or learning about which team or athlete is at the summit or in the gulley, we focus on gathering and creating a news mix for sports fans.

Check here on a regular basis for news you can use as you plan for sporting event escapades. Here’s some headlines we’ve gathered since we started late in 2018.


Jackie Robinson Photo Gallery: From the New York Times, 100 photos of Robinson’s historic life
Wake Up to Walk Up: The MLB’s database of walk-up songs for every player
Facebook Rankings for Each MLB Team: How does your team rank?


Boston Man Spreads Gear and Cheer
The Cost of Being a Sports Fan in 2018


NFL Stadiums: What are They Worth?


Gear and Memorabilia Honors NHL Original 6
Hockey Books for the Hockey Season
NCAA Hockey Tourney Scheduled for Ireland (2018)

Sports Museums / Halls of Fame

Sports Salsa Sponsors Awards to Sports Museums (2018)


Vote for Inductees to Tennis Hall of Fame (2018)

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