7 gifts for baseball fans

Want to get that baseball fan in your life something unique ? Sports Salsa offers its suggestions of gifts for baseball fans list for 2019. Here are some fun and out-of-the box ideas costing only between $12 and $70.

1. 2019 Topps Cards 24-pack box

With baseball season just around the corner, this gift is a real treat for those that appreciate baseball history. This 2019 Topps baseball series 1 is factory-sealed. Each of the 24 packs contains 16 cards. Topps says there is one autograph or relic card per hobby box. Cost: $69.99.

2. Wiffle bat and ball bundle

A nice bundle for an instant game everyone can play

Wiffle ball is a game that makes everyone feel they’re an ace pitcher or a home run bomber! This bat, ball and bases bundle allows for a quick game to take place at a moment’s notice in the backyard or at a picnic at the park. Cost: $49.95

3. Brain game puzzle book

Cover of Brain Games Baseball Puzzles book.
For those games with rain delays

An intriguing book that might be used during those rain delays, this book of puzzles will entertain baseball fans of all ages. Baseball Puzzles is finalist for 2019 Toy of the Year. Cost: $22.79.

4. Watch “Major League” together

Major League: Watch Wild Thing Pitch!

For a really low price, you can have a fun evening laughing at the antics of Charlie Sheen, Wesley Snipes, Bob Uecker, Rene Russo and other big stars. “Major League” is a major hit for baseball fans. This comedy always entertains us. Cost: rent for $3.99 or buy for $13.99.

5. Beckett’s card price guides

Beckett's February 2019 baseball card price guide
Beckett’s February 2019 baseball card price guide

Chances are your baseball fan might have a few cards in a box somewhere and isn’t sure what they are worth. Beckett’s produces guides that keep track of these ever changing markets. You can order a guide for your sweetheart’s sport of choice. Cost: $11.99

6. Baseball glove

A Rawlings baseball glove

Hardly anything makes baseball more real than the smell of a new leather glove. No matter how old your favorite Valentine is, they’ll really appreciate slipping on a glove and having a game of catch. Cost: varies.

7. Laser Engraved Baseball Case

Does your special someone have a special baseball without a case? This display case offers an engraved plate to show all the details of when that special ball come into the collection. Cost: $35.00

We hope you’ve enjoyed these ideas of Valentine’s Day gifts for baseball fans. Here’s a list of other sports gift ideas we’ve collected.

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