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Tunity App Review: audio for those far away TV screens

An insightful team has come up with an easy and clever way to be able to hear the sound of most any television in a bar, airport, casino, laundromat, gym, or at a Super Bowl party. After our Tunity App review, we recommend that you download it.

With the Tunity App, you hold your smartphone up to the screen, activate a search and the app determines what you are wanting to watch and then streams that audio over your phone.

A screenshot showing how to capture the tv screen you want to listen to with the Tunity app.
Simply border the screen you want to listen to, and hit the “Tap to Scan” button. Tunity does the rest.

We believe you will find it especially beneficial during NCAA tournament time, when you might find yourself in a sports bar. Say the establishment has the sound of the Duke game coming over the speakers, but your bracket depends on that #5 vs. 12 contest on another screen.

While it’s ideal for sports, the app comes in handy at other places like the airport. While sitting and waiting for your plane, you may see news being broadcast but you can’t hear what’s being said. Again, with a simple process, you can instantly listen from a lengthy distance away.

It’s also great for workouts. While many gyms do provide audio access through some workout equipment, Tunity allows you to go from machine to machine without redialing the channel you want to hear.

And, it’s an excellent app for those who are hard of hearing. Family or friends with this condition who are watching television with you can have the convenience of listening to the sound directly with headphones.

The Sports Salsa Test

Our first Tunity App review took place at the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook®, where it is the featured app. With several games going on at the same time, it was easy to get into position and activate the app. I then listened with headphones to the game I most wanted to hear.

The app had difficulty when I tried to take a shot of a television screen at a severe angle. So I did have to sometimes position myself to get a more straight-on view of the monitor. But this was a minor inconvenience.

But for the two nights using the app, I found it to be very instinctive, uncomplicated and useful. The quality of the audio is terrific. And, with access to more than 150 channels across it’s platform, chances are you are going to find this very useful for national broadcasts.

A screen capture of some of the 150 channels that the Tunity App supports
The Tunity App supports more than 150 channels

The App also comes with a “Quick Tune” feature that allows you to select channels that you want to listen to instantly, even without a TV screen nearby. For example, it supports the major sports and league channels. If you scan those channels into the app, then you will be able to listen in to any sporting event on those channels even when you are not near a tv.

No matter what sports season, you’ll be able to use the Tunity App when there are multiple screens to choose from. Right now the app is free. We highly recommend that you have this app in your arsenal. It’s likely you will be using it for more than just sports.

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