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Pepsi Center (stadium series)

The Denver Nuggets are slowly but surely making the Pepsi Center one of the best NBA venues in the league. If you haven't already come check it out!

Denver has not been known to be an NBA city. However, after getting off to one of their best start in franchise history people are flocking to the Pepsi Center to see the hottest team in basketball. Including me. I took the plunge to become a season ticket holder and so far, it has been a rewarding experience.

The Nuggets have one of the best venue’s in the league. They boast comfortable seats, great views, and an overall amazing atmosphere. But, I think what makes a game special is the family friendly atmosphere that is created by the some of the different things they do. I believe what makes a Nuggets game truly special is their mascot Rocky. He must be one of the most eccentric mascots in the league, doing different tricks/stunts to keep the fans on their toes.


Pepsi Center is located on the outskirts on the city of Denver. This makes for nice views and an easy commute because you do not have to go through the city. This also allows the Nuggets to provide a plethora of parking options because they aren’t surrounded by city buildings. The closest parking is going to be their lots, which can range from $20-$40 depending. There is also parking garages across the arena you can park at for $15 as well.

The location is also convenient because the stadium is right along the light rail track. There is a light rail station that lets you off right in front of the stadium. If you are taking uber/lyft to the game, then there is a designated drop off zone right out front of the stadium as well.

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The one drawback of Pepsi Center must be the price of the food. They do have some delicious options such as Tenders, Love, and chicken or the Breckenridge Brewery Mountain House has some great options as well. Just very pricy, a chicken box with fries can run you about $17. There is also plenty of places to grab a beer or cocktail, but again they are pricy with the average beer cost at about $10. My personal favorite is the combination of nachos and dr. pepper.

The Nuggets also like to consider themselves a “smart arena”. There are a few concession lines that do not have humans to order from. Instead you walk up, grab your items, then go through a self-check style system to finish. This is nice because the lines are efficient and go fast so you can get back to your seats faster.

The Arena:

Pepsi Center is one of the nicest arena’s I have ever been in. The stadium is built in such a way that no seat is a bad seat. Even when you are in the 300 level you can still see all the players perfectly and it doesn’t seem like a bad seat. Also, the actual seats for the fans are all leather and plush, so sitting in them for a two-hour basketball game is not bad at all.

There are plenty of entrances to get into the arena, with my favorite being through the brewery. Not a lot of people know about this entrance so that always means shorter lines for entrance and drinks. The Pepsi Center is also home of the NHL’s Colorado Avalanche and the intimacy of the arena makes for an even better hockey experience.

Becoming a Nuggets season ticket holder has been on the top of my list for a long time. Being able to finally do it has been a rewarding experience considering that the Pepsi Center is such a great venue.

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