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Baseball Accessory Kit: 7+ Items You Need This Season

Everyone needs a baseball accessory kit for those games at a Major League Baseball game this season. Sports Salsa offers 7 items you need to bring.

With the 2019 Major League Baseball season underway, we started thinking about the essentials we need when we go to the ballpark this year. Experience tells us that the ultimate baseball accessory kit must include preparation for comfort and any kind of weather.

Sports Salsa produced this list to make your trip to your favorite stadium a more pleasant experience. Please note that by purchasing items through the links on this list, we will earn a small commission on the sale. Those commissions help to fund our services and blog posts throughout the year. We thank you in advance for helping us to advance our mission and goals.

We now present our baseball accessory kit for 2019.

Team Sunglasses

Examples of six different styles of sunglasses with major league logos
Various styles of sunglasses are available to show the support of your team.

For day games, sunglasses are an essential part of the ultimate baseball accessory kit. And, if you can sport your team logo at the same time, then you have it made in the shade, right? Amazon offers a wide selection of logo sunglasses for most teams at various price points. Fanatics also offers a limited selection.

And, while you’re at it, don’t forget the sunscreen!

Baseball Caps

Seven styles of New Era baseball caps with team logos
New Era hats show a wide range of styles and designs for the 2019 season

Protect the old noggin with the latest style in hats. We particularly like the style of the New Era hats for this season. Each team has a variety of styles available at the Fanatics shop.


How many times have you gone to the concession stand with your hands full and the usher wants to see your ticket before you sit down? It’s happened too often to us, and we’ve taken to bring a lanyard to hold our ticket. (Of course, if your ticket is on your phone, that’s a different story!)

Fanatics has various lanyards, as does Amazon. If you don’t have a card holder, you can order one for traditional ticket sizes and larger ones to place print-at-home tickets inside.


Photo of Cinbos binoculars

Depending where you’re sitting, you might want to check out the dugout to see what the manager is doing, or get a look at that pitcher warming up in the bullpen. For the price, we like these 12x zoom binoculars from Cinbos. They’re waterproof and fog-proof and, maybe more importantly, kid-proof.

Ponchos and Cloth

Three examples of MLB ponchos
Don’t let a little rain get between you and the game

True fans know they have to be prepared for any kind of weather. Major League Baseball, for a variety of good reasons, tries to avoid rainouts. And that’s why you’ll see so many games being played in foul weather.

Many of us–present company included–often don’t think about rain until it starts coming down. Then we marvel at all those who brought gear so they can stay in their seats and watch the action. See a selection of ponchos from Fanatics.

And, if the game is delayed and you have to leave your seat, be sure to have a chamois cloth in your arsenal. It beats grabbing a hundred napkins from the nearest vendor to dry your seat.

Seat Cushions

A selection of seat cushions

Seats at the ballpark can be hard, or even too hot to sit on. Some fans like to have a little something between themselves and the seat. If you’re one of those, you may want to consider a selection of cushions offered by Fanatics.

150th Anniversary Jerseys

Three 150th anniversary major league jerseys

Don’t be the only one at the ballpark not representing your team! And, with Major League Baseball celebrating 150 years, you’ll want to make sure to get that special jersey for this season.

Check out this excellent selection of player and team jerseys from Major League Baseball.


Yeah, we know it’s a little old school, but keeping score is one of baseball’s endearing traditions. Team scoreboards are now bigger and better and offer excellent information, but a scorebook helps keep track of all players progress during the game. And this highly-rated scorebook is a cheap entry into sharing some great moments with that young person who came to the game with you.

You might even want to bring a team pencil or a team pen with you to keep score or take notes!

What else do you put in your baseball accessory kit? Let us know what you bring to enhance your experience.

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