Bust Our Bracket: the 2019 Bracket Challenge

We’re accepting challengers for the Sports Salsa 2019 Bracket Challenge. On Sunday, March 17, CBS will broadcast the annual Selection Show. Then we’ll know when and where the 68 teams invited to the Division 1 NCAA basketball tournament will be playing.

We’re hosting a Friends and Family bracket challenge, via the CBS website. We’re not flush though, given that this is our first year of operations. So the prizes for the top three finishers are some Sports Salsa merch and for the winner, a guest post on the Sports Salsa website!

But, we’re still tight. In order to give those prizes away, you must beat the members of the Sports Salsa team in the challenge. (We think it’s a low bar, though!)

The best thing is that there is no charge to enter our bracket challenge.

However, to help us pay for these prizes, we hope you will take a second to head over the Fanatics College Gear page and get yourself some fresh threads, hat or other items to cheer on your team. We do earn a small commision when you buy your team gear through these links and, consequently, you help support this site.

The Guidelines

Here’s the basic rules for our challenge.

  • To get the link for the tournament brackets, click here.
  • All brackets must be submitted no later than noon Eastern Daylight Time Thursday, March 21. Late brackets will not be accepted for any reason.
  • Only electronic submissions will be allowed.
  • We will be using the CBS Sports Bracket Pool Manager to tabulate all scoring. We will not accept any challenges to any decisions they make to tabulate the results.
  • Since this is Sports Salsa, we are going to keep things spicy! Points will be multiplied by the seed number for every round. So if you pick a 12 seed to win a game or two and they come through, then you get 12 times the points for each of those rounds!
  • The points per round are 1 for the first round, 2 for the second, 4 for the Sweet Sixteen, 8 for the Elite Eight, 16 for the Final Found and 32 for the championship game. Again, your points for each correct victory will be multiplied by the winning team’s seed number.
  • Each email address may submit up to two brackets.

Entries from the Sports Salsa team will be noted as “spicy” so you know which entries you have to beat.

So, give us your best shot. We’ll announce the winners of the Sports Salsa 2019 Bracket Challenge following the end of the tournament.

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