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Patriots Hall of Fame: Podcast Interview with Bryan Morry

Listen to the latest Sports Salsa podcast. We interview the Executive Director of the Patriots Hall of Fame presented by Raytheon.

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Patriots Hall of Fame: Podcast Interview with Bryan Morry

What do most visitors to the Patriots Hall of Fame presented by Raytheon do? Look at the Super Bowl trophies? Go through team artifacts? For most of the visitors, it’s an education experience, according to Executive Director Bryan Morry.

Morry is our guest for this episode of the Sports Salsa Podcast, and takes us inside the doors of the Hall. He tells us what drove the Patriots to create a unique venue for football fans everywhere. Listen to the Podcast here:

The Hall’s education STEM models provide entertaining and educational experiences tailored to the needs of teachers and schools. It’s why more than 20,000 field trips are take to the Hall each year.

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But let’s be real, the New England Patriots have a lot of hardware to display, They’ve won five Super Bowls and having, arguably, one of football’s best coaching and quarterback combinations in history. The Patriots Hall of Fame, provides incredible experiences, like listening to Tom Brady call plays in the huddle and participating in Malcolm Butler’s game-ending interception that secured victory in the 2015 Super Bowl.

Listen to our interview with Morry and learn more about the Patriots Hall of Fame. We believe it should be a stop on your next visit to the Boston area.

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