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Amway Center (stadium series)

When people think of Orlando it is usually Disney World or Universal Studios. It is crazy to think that Magic games go overlooked, despite their record.

With Disney World, SeaWorld, Universal Studios and more in Orlando, it is easy to see that Magic games tend to fall by the wayside. Attending a game will quickly change your outlook. Between the arena and the atmosphere, there was not a single dull moment despite watching a match-up of two of the NBA’s worst teams.


Amway Center is in the heart of Orlando and spread out just 20 miles past Disney World. The location is nice, but not ideal for when you are running late. The traffic in Orlando is bad and adds time to any commute. If you can deal with the traffic, you can take advantage of some of the best restaurants and hotel accommodations the city has to offer. There is adequate parking available around the arena. All parking ranged from $10-$40 from what I saw, with $10 being the furthest available parking.


The food inside the arena was not five stars, but it was not the worst either. I bought chicken tenders and fries for about $9 and a large souvenir soft drink cup for $8, which was refillable. My dad gave me $40 and I got us all combo meals plus a large drink for us to share. Although we did not purchase any alcohol, there were different bars located throughout the main concourse. It was nice to see so many different concessions stands, which meant all the lines were short.

The Arena

The arena itself is very nice and comfortable. It doesn’t matter where your tickets are, all the seats are padded and comfortable. The arena is small enough so that even if you’re up in the upper-levels, you don’t feel that far away from the court. There was adequate space between your seat and the seat in front so that your knees don’t bang the whole time. Walking around the arena is fun as well because there is so much history. There are tributes dedicated to the greatness of Shaquille O’Neal, Penny Hardaway, and Tracy McGrady. It is easy to forget how many greats have came out of Orlando, but the display in the arena is a nice reminder.

Despite being a game that did not feature two of the NBA’s better teams, a decent crowd was on hand. The Magic have tons of upcoming talent that will help propel them out of the rut of the Eastern Conference. With so much to do around Orlando, it was a great idea to start with a Magic game and I would go again.

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