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Our team:

“Geno” Rose

Geno’s been to 23 MLB parks and hopes to complete the list in the next few years. The Chicago-born fan always tries to work in a sporting event every time he goes on the road and has enjoyed it every step of the way from minor league baseball to the Super Bowl. He works out of Denver now, but chances are he’ll be in a stadium near you soon.

Rashawn Wong

Rashawn is an avid sports fan that has attended live sporting events in Europe and across the United States. The recent University of Hawaii graduate and former sports reporter is currently living the dream working for the Colorado Rockies in Denver. He is becoming an MLB enthusiast, but any brand of basketball will always be his first love.

Payton Rose

Payton has played almost every sport under the sun from tennis to bowling and loves to watch them all. Currently based in New Haven, Connecticut, Payton will be your eyes and ears on the East Coast. His favorite sports’ memory comes from his time abroad in Barcelona, where he learned all the cheers and chants with Los Fanáticos del RCD Espanyol.