Super Bowl LIII official gear

We have waited 17 weeks and then some to get to this moment. Super Bowl 53 featuring the seasoned New England Patriots and the new kids on the block, Los Angeles Rams. It is important that you have the appropriate gear when the final horn blown and a team is dubbed victorious.

Win or lose, a Tom Brady jersey is going to be one for the collection. He is a quarterback talent like no other, and is getting ready to play in his ninth Super Bowl. This is the official Tom Brady Super Bowl LIII game jersey that will be worn by the players as well. Look good feel good in this jersey that even features the official SB53 patch.

Do not be fooled, the Rams quarterback Jared Goff is no fluke. He had an excellent season and has his team in position to dethrone one of the greatest. This is the official Jared Goff Super Bowl LII game jersey that features the SB53 patch.

Maybe you are like us and don’t have a stake in either team. Another keepsake that is perfect for any collection is an official Super Bowl LIII football. This is an authentic Wilson football from the Super Bowl. It is officially licensed by the National Football League.

Another route to go if you are a fan more of football than the contesting teams, there is the Highland Mint Super Bowl LIII Dueling Two-Tone Flip Coin. These mint editions coins that you will see prior to kick off and overtime if we are so fortunate.

If you aren’t fortunate enough to be one of 10,000 coins printed, this is the next best option. This is an exact copy of the coin that is flipped prior to the game and overtime. This is a more affordable game coin option for someone who is more of a football fan then anything.

Do not take this final item as an official Sports Salsa prediction. However, if the Patriots pull it off and Brady wins his sixth Super Bowl you will need this for any legit Patriots fan. The NFL Shop says the Autographed New England Patriots Tom Brady is almost gone. So if you or any of your loved ones are fans, please get this for them before it is too late.